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Hello. My name is Lydia Virginia Eck, and I,
out of love for God, firstly, perfect my systematic
theology, and secondarily, compose visual art and
music. I also love fine-tuning my iced coffee recipe.
This website features several of my ideas and creations.
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Dec 20

I finished my (audited) classes. Now what to do next. The world is a very big place. It’s not made for sensitive people, but that’s okay. You can manage.

Some new things I made



Now I’m sitting next to a tree, watching CNBC because my dad has it on.

Nov 21

The following is a mashed-up selfie that I took in my brothers’ blue room. Again, it feels unfinished, yet I feel there’s something finished about its unfinishedness.. I also have a larger version of it, which I may upload later

The following may be the most beautiful piece of classical music I have ever heard. But I don’t know the name of it. I found it on the second disc of The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe, but the fifth track on the disc (the track described) is mislabeled on the case and CD. I looked up the case’s label (for the track) on Youtube and the case’s label for the track, Concerto in F Minor – Largo – Bach, is, on Youtube, for a completely different song. I also uploaded the CD to ITunes and found that the song is mislabeled on the CD itself as well, via looking up the label on Youtube.

So I uploaded the song to Youtube and called the track “Song #5”.

And please listen to the Cocteau Twins

Nov 4

So I recently found out that I have epilepsy! It’s called juvenile myoclonic epilepsy. It all started when I was doing a puzzle.. and my arms were jerking weirdly as I was doing it. And it was kind of embarrassing because the person I was doing it with was kinda like “wtf” (I think, though I don’t actually know what she was thinking). Anyway, I just got an EEG. It was really cool. There was a printout with a chart that reflected my cognitive activity (you know, the up and down lines), and now I take special medicine and I’m good now.

Looks kinda like railroad tracks. I don’t know what to do with it. I feel like there’s something unfinished about it, yet that there’s something finished about its unfinishedness. It’s hard for me to tell when I’m satisfied with something I’ve made. It’s a real problem I have.

I think that if you can remember a work, there’s something to it. If an art piece is remembered, it’s real art. Any art piece that you forget isn’t really art but “art”..


Fiona Apple really brings this song to life.

And an MS Paint creation of mine.


Suffy & Bowie

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Oct 24

At the end of all intimacy, there is God. I will make my chief end whatever will satisfy me in the middle of the night, and it’s not sex, but communion with the Infinite. I must say, though, that when the communion with God takes place above and within a mental and spiritual connection between two people, a dove flies overhead, blessing the affair with even more beauty.

There is nothing better than two people being physically connected to each other, as well as, at the same time as that, spiritually and mentally communing with both each other and God.

My favorite song at the moment is below. It’s a beautiful song.. Part of it..“I always knew you in your mother’s arms. I have called you son. I’ve made amends between Father and son. Or if you haven’t one, rest in my arms, sleep in my bed. There’s a design to what I did and said.”

But the whole thing! Listen to it all

I intended to delete the following creation of mine (“Discontent”) and then readded it after realizing it wasn’t truly deleted. It left an indelible mark on my psyche. So here it is. I need to be true to my past, and all my mistakes.

FYI, when I made the above, I realized it was, at least in part, inspired by David Bowie’s Outside album cover. The album itself is alright. Oh David. Your 90’s output was okay. Black Tie White Noise was your best album from the 90’s. And it’s all because of Miracle Goodnight (which I discovered in the tenth grade and became absolutely obsessed with because of how ingenious the song and video are) and Nite Flights! Yeah, the video for the former is a little raunchy, but it has a good number of redeeming features, like its throwback to analytic cubism, as well as the fact that there’s a harem of women he doesn’t care for at all because he loves his wife—who he devoted the entire album to—more than anyone else.

It’s just so interesting. Bowie, Why did you have to leave?

I have another image to post, but not yet..

Oct 7

So I’ve been really into Kierkegaard lately. I’m reading Fear and Trembling, and it’s amazing how much a person can meditate on a story. He goes on and on about how hard it must have been for Abraham to will to sacrifice Isaac. The faith that that required.

Anyway, listen to these. They aren’t about Abraham, but they’re nonetheless about ideas essential to Kierkegaard’s work. The videos are really accessible, unlike a lot of Kierkegaard’s writing.

And here’s a new image I made! I called it “Face” for some reason.


Aug 21

I’m posting this image to give a sense of basic-level projects I can accomplish. I know that design is often supposed to be simple and want you to know that I can create simple designs.

Jul 18

Life has been eventful. I’ve been volunteering several times a week, as well as taking guitar lessons, working, going to my parents’ office, and hanging out with my sister and her baby. I’m not really good at writing about what I’ve been doing, which is why I’d like to fill up these pages with lorem ipsum. (It’s better than nothing!)

Anyway, I just created a new image. I’m not sure what to call it, but I’ll come up with a name soon.