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Hello. My name is Lydia Virginia Eck, and I,
out of love for God, firstly, perfect my systematic
theology, and secondarily, compose visual art and
music. I also love fine-tuning my iced coffee recipe.
This website features several of my ideas and creations.
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Stock Music

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May 22

I have a new groove now, no pun intended. I’m in the business of selling stock music. If you’re interested in making a Youtube video or a commercial or whatever and you need music to accompany what you’re doing, maybe my stock music will help. Keep in mind I’m a beginner at this but I’m gonna try real hard to make this work! :)

LVE Stock Music


New Stuffieez

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Mar 9

PIcs of me

Feb 10


Feb 6


Feb 3


Jan 20

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of creative progress… I created three albums. One with nine tracks (and an extra track) called “Love Is the Most Interesting Thing”, one with five tracks called “Universe in Us”, and one with three tracks called “Transcending When I Can’t”. I just needed to “get out” a lot of stuff… I had some (spoken word) ideas on the Problem of Suffering on the first one mentioned. When the albums come out (which will happen in a few days), I will give you the links. Stay tuned!

Music is my outlet lately.. Also, ideas on the Problem of Suffering. I need to broadcast my feelings in a weird way. Yet, weirdly, I get a net accumulation of, like, two views on all my stuff. But yet I don’t really care. Or do I? I don’t know. I just need to express myself. So long as I’ve expressed myself, I’m good.

God is in control and (has told me that he) will make sure at least somebody sees my stuff eventually. That is what makes me feel okay. I think that’s how it is.


Jan 10

I am obsessed with making sure I have tried everything possible to live the life that makes sense for me before doing what I have to do. In other words, I am obsessed with the idea of becoming an electronic musician and making money off of Spotify. But yet, there is tension in me.. what about the idea that I should become a nurse? Is that necessarily the “second” idea? The worse idea? The idea that is lesser? Yes, becoming a musician is interesting and expressive. But becoming a nurse is great in its own way. You save lives. Or, at least, better people’s health.

As someone with an “artist’s” temperament (my God, calling myself an “artist” sounds so pretentious..) I feel like I have to choose one road. I can’t split myself between two paths. It feels schizophrenic. Yet someone I know wisely told me that there’s a beautiful marriage in which the spouses inform each other, the spouses being art and medicine. Art helps medicine to be more passionate, and medicine helps art to be more realistic. Maybe I don’t have to choose.. Maybe I could have both, and go down a path where I have both..

Anyway, I have an album (that was slated to come out February 10th and was meant to be called “Why Be Interesting?” Things have changed a little bit, as you can see below!). When I submit it, I’m starting my Human Anatomy & Physiology course and start my nursing program.

Wish me luck on my endeavors :)


//edit: MY ALBUM IS HERE: clickie clickie. It’s coming out January 22nd!! That’s the landing page for it. You can see it on youtube and other places when it’s out & available!!

^^^ Please listen to the song! :)

Dec 10

So I’m a little iffy about what to say on here, because I think that it’s better to reserve some information for in-person conversation with people—1. because it’s so meaningful and that kind of information should be processed when you’re looking into a person’s eyes so that it can be more well-processed and 2. because people, when they hear this kind of stuff, have preconceived notions that prevent them from accepting it (again, if you look into a person’s eyes.. it can be more deeply considered)

But I want people to consider me. And Oh, Sh.. Whatever.. Just consider it.

I went to Rutgers and got a degree in IT and Visual Arts. I wanted to be a web designer. Then I went to Hell. I decided to breathe into Christ’s ear he was a competent Lover by saving someone’s marriage through an answer to the Problem of Suffering. I experienced a year of terror, which was a year when God had me face as many fears as I could (e.g. face my fear of deleting my harddrive, willing away my warddrobe, willing away my savings, willing away my laptop, deleting my website, etc.) After suffering a lot, I realized I was able to empathize a lot more than I was able to when I was sitting behind my computer screen as a web designer. And then I realized that I needed to help people as intimately as possible.

Now I want to be a health aide of some kind. A nurse or a home health aide..

And that’s it!

Sorry this is kind of self-focused; all it is is an update on my developments.. so yeah.

Sep 15

- Err on the side of belief, on the side of love. Lovely things happen that way.
- To Hell with being well-balanced. That’s called hedging your bets.
- If we didn’t suffer (and then ask God to enter us), we’d stay attached to the things that we have instead of getting closer to God.
- As world-willer, I would will a world with the least suffering that is required for as much intimacy as possible.

A pic of me



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Aug 25

My single is coming out, and so is my album. You should see them in the next few days.

  • Single: Somewhere (Breathing Into Christ’s Ear He’s a Competent Lover by Saving Someone’s Marriage Through an Answer to the Problem of Suffering)
  • Album: The Giving of Voice to Love First by Erasing Fear Via Facing It and Then by Willing the Acceptance of the Divine Lover Jesus

Click here to see me on Spotify