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Hello. My name is Lydia Virginia Eck, and I,
out of love for God, firstly, perfect my systematic
theology, and secondarily, compose visual art and
music. I also love fine-tuning my iced coffee recipe.
This website features several of my ideas and creations.
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Dec 19

Hey everybody! What’s up?

Sooo I’ve been mentally inside my Etsy business.. Click on the image of the shirt I’m selling below to see my Etsy shop!

Otherwise I’m mentally inside this whole spiritual endeavor.. I tried to do something spiritually for Jesus Christ. But I shouldn’t talk about it. I tried to do it to make Him happy and now I don’t know what to do with myself so now I’m like, just devote yourself to this Etsy business, Lydia, it’s a lot healthier than doing this thing that is not going to come to fruition in the way you want it to any time soon!!

Anyway, let’s keep going, ok?

Also, I built out my Etsy shop into a separate website that has its own domain, and it’s called [new information from the future — the new website is]

It seems that the only way to move forward is to make art.