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Hello. My name is Lydia Virginia Eck, and I,
out of love for God, firstly, perfect my systematic
theology, and secondarily, compose visual art and
music. I also love fine-tuning my iced coffee recipe.
This website features several of my ideas and creations.
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Jan 20

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a lot of creative progress… I created three albums. One with nine tracks (and an extra track) called “Love Is the Most Interesting Thing”, one with five tracks called “Universe in Us”, and one with three tracks called “Transcending When I Can’t”. I just needed to “get out” a lot of stuff… I had some (spoken word) ideas on the Problem of Suffering on the first one mentioned. When the albums come out (which will happen in a few days), I will give you the links. Stay tuned!

Music is my outlet lately.. Also, ideas on the Problem of Suffering. I need to broadcast my feelings in a weird way. Yet, weirdly, I get a net accumulation of, like, two views on all my stuff. But yet I don’t really care. Or do I? I don’t know. I just need to express myself. So long as I’ve expressed myself, I’m good.

God is in control and (has told me that he) will make sure at least somebody sees my stuff eventually. That is what makes me feel okay. I think that’s how it is.