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Hello. My name is Lydia Virginia Eck, and I,
out of love for God, firstly, perfect my systematic
theology, and secondarily, compose visual art and
music. I also love fine-tuning my iced coffee recipe.
This website features several of my ideas and creations.
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Oct 7

So I’ve been really into Kierkegaard lately. I’m reading Fear and Trembling, and it’s amazing how much a person can meditate on a story. He goes on and on about how hard it must have been for Abraham to will to sacrifice Isaac. The faith that that required.

Anyway, listen to these. They aren’t about Abraham, but they’re nonetheless about ideas essential to Kierkegaard’s work. The videos are really accessible, unlike a lot of Kierkegaard’s writing.

And here’s a new image I made! I called it “Face” for some reason.